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Is a personal updater for things UP (University of the Philippines). It automatically gathers UP-related news, updates, RSS feeds, videos, event calendars (music, sports, arts, academic). upCurrents also plays UP-FM


Collects information on seismic events that took place in your area (100 km radius) in the last 24 hrs


is a Q&A site for a wide range of topics relevant to the UP academic community and the University’s mandated stakeholders.

PiFM Transmitter

Raspberry Pi-based program FM transmitter that plays online UP-FM music radio.

Sensor and Controls

A cost-effective, robust, integrated multi-trigger security and alert system.

Media Broadcaster

a Rasperry Pi-based appliance that streams audio or video via DILC servers.


Central repository of security, personnel, and building activity logs at DILC. It features analytics and tools for administrators and staff to help them carry out their office roles.