Interactive Learning Center Diliman

ILC Diliman Staff Members

We aim to develop and instill these core values that put relevance to our work and to our service to the UP community: Influence and intelligence (innovate and empower self to inspire others); Leadership and teamwork (set examples, build relations and excel with others); Character and challenge (understand strengths, weaknesses and opportunities as individuals and as an organization); and Dedication and accountability (push to be more responsible at the same time have shared commitment).“  ~ ILC Diliman Team

Miguel Francisco Remolona


Director Remolona is an Assistant Professor of the Department of Chemical Engineering. He specializes in applications of artificial intelligence–more specifically in knowledge and information management as well as information extraction. His expertise in software development and computational infrastructure that he obtained during his PhD are an asset in the running of the services of ILC. He is currently working on streamlining the services of ILCD so that they can be integrated into one unified service. This is to accomplish the vision that ILC be the premier when it comes to educational technologies.

Oliva Gabriel

Administrative Aide

Olive joined the ILC Diliman family 2012.  Administrative Aide, she maintains and organizes documents and records, assists in other administrative tasks, and provides support for ILC programs and activities.  Olive also helps during production events of ILC. She is also a mother of three - with whom she spends her free time when she’s not busy with work.

Jennifer Estrada-Padil

System Administrator

Jen support in the development and maintenance of the University’s Learning Management System (LMS) or the UVLê. She also assists in the planning and development of mobile and web services. She also supports in the multimedia services such as live streaming and video recording. In her free time, she enjoys reading, playing and researching.

Jeanette Estrada

Junior ICT Associate

John Mark Roco

Junior ICT Associate

Rolly assists in the planning,  development and execution of mobile and web services of ILC Diliman. He also supports in multimedia services such as video recording and conferencing. He also leads in maintenance  of the website and other assigned web services e.g Helpdesk.

Jessica Junio

Education Technology Advancement (PDA)

Dianne Nicole Gabriel

Information Technology Officer

Dianne is in-charge with the maintenance of OVCAA servers which holds the ILC's main services, University Virtual Learning Environment (UVLê​) and the likes. She also deploys virtual machines as needed and caters requests for the configurations needed for the ILC's services. She also helps to facilitate the procurement/repair of equipments in ILC.

Jan Paul Carag

Senior ICT Assistant

Paul is the lead designer for publication and promotional materials of ILC Diliman services.  He assists in the multimedia services such as video recordings, video conferencing and live streaming. He's an e-sports and tech enthusiast.

Pauline Angel Carag

Senior ICT Assistant

Maxell Lumbera

Education Technology Advancement (PDA)

Asst. Prof. Maxell P. Lumbera is the Project Development Associate for the Advancement of Educational Technologies. He is an assistant professor from the UP Institute of Civil Engineering. He finished MS CE in Water Resources Engineering from UP ICE in 2018. His research interests are on water quality management, urban drainage systems, and rainwater harvesting systems.

Carlo Angelo Sonday

Training Education & Development (PDA)

Michael Jerome Madriaga

Administrative Officer

Melody Briola

Creative Arts Specialist

Melody leads in the multimedia services of ILC Diliman such as video recordings, video conferencing and live streaming. Her background in film and audio visual communication is suited in the documentation of production guidelines, management, monitoring and operations. She assists in planning of multimedia infrastructure and upgrading of production equipment. She also does research and recommendations for multimedia services, materials and PALS.  Melody also leads the multimedia service internship program.

Carrisse Michaela Serrano

Junior ICT Associate

Tristan Jake Alcantara

System Administrator

Tristan started in 2016 as a programmer of ILC Diliman where he developed and maintained the University's Learning Management System (LMS) or the UVLe. It was 2019 when his duties transitioned from programming to system administration. He is now in-charge with ILC’s infrastructure and is involved in ILC’s web and mobile services.

Sharina Soriano

Senior ICT Assistant

Project Members

Ralph Medina

Helpdesk Specialist

Jefferson Estrada

Helpdesk Specialist

Mark Ian Medina

Multimedia Specialist

Richard Padil

Emergency Web Service Developer

Alvin Benter

Emergency Web Service Developer