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Pages is a free, easy-to-use, do-it-yourself platform for the creation and maintenance of online sites for UPD units and projects as well as for profiles of UPD faculty and researchers. It seeks to fill the gap between well-developed UPD websites and outdated (if not abandoned or non-existent) sites of certain UPD units, projects, faculty, researchers.


Based on Openscholar, Pages features the following:

instant, template-based publication of scholarly contents, with minimal-to-zero technical know-how required

built-in content management system

category tagging for added navigational ease

built-in site analytics

social media integration

drag-and-drop layout


Modified the landing page and/or log-in page. Landing page has slider for quick access/view to important announcements or latest news, as well as sections for Featured Themes, (Sample Pages), IlC Diliman articles, and Recent updates.

Default widgets (menus/tabs, pages) for personal, department or project websites are available

Options for initial setup of websites for departments and projects - academic and administrative for departments; and lab/research group, project, and event/conference for Lab/Research group, Project, or Event/conference)

Enhanced and new themes made available

New widgets, tools and/or features available

Enabled Private files repository, with maximum file upload of 50MB and maximum repository size of 200MB

Menus and settings are now more organized and accessible

Drag and drop approach for uploading media files and web content/resources.

Availability of the Import facility (for event, news, blog, etc.)

Authors and Keywords links modified under Publications menu. Widget for the list of authors is now available (optional), and neither a widget nor a page is available for keywords.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) now under the Bio (Biography) page. Biography and CV may be separated as tabs.

Types of websites that may be created in Pages:

Users may create three different websites in Pages – Personal Site, Department Site and Project Site. Personal Site designed for the faculty and graduate students, Department Site designed for the two purposes, Academic (These are your department works and research) & Administrative (These are departments services and activities / programs) and Project Site designed for the three purposes,  Lab/Research Group (Combined department academic site and personal site), Project (These are the projects, initiative and research), and Event/Conference (Good for large events).

  • Personal Site
  • Department Site
    • Academic
    • Administrative
  • Project Site
    • Lab / Research Group
    • Project
    • Event / Conference

Other website:

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