Interactive Learning Center Diliman

Sensors and Controls

A cost-effective, robust, integrated multi-trigger security and alert system using off-the-shelf or recycled hardware and sensors and open-source software technologies for messaging, video streaming and recording, machine vision, video analytics, thermal and power monitoring and control. It provides multi-channel feedback (Twitter, Email, SMS, etc).800px-Big_Plan-Sensors Trigger event:
  • heat (aircon not working, fire)
  • smoke (smoke detector linked to online alarm system)
  • motion (person entering/leaving building or room)
  • sound (fans, batteries failing, alarm of non-networked motion or thermal sensors)
  • power outage
Notification Outputs:
  • SMS
  • email
  • video recording
  • log recording
  • alarm (sound, light)
  • Tweet
  • phone dialling
Smoke and Tempeture Module This module monitors room temperature independent of on-board temperature sensors (also monitored) in our servers. It is especially useful in keeping optimal temperature for DILC’s data center. Cooling the room too much is a waste of energy. Temperature readings are occasionally verified using 3rd-party thermal instruments. Remote AC Controller Web-Avaiable Aircon Control is a prototype aircon remote sensor controllable via Web. For more information visit this link Motion Detection and Video Monitoring Module Logbank_cams
  • combination of mid-, low-end; recycled, old, new cams
  • redundant off-site recordings (continuous and motion-activated events) and picture snapshots
  • motion sensors compensate for “blind spots”
Proximity Sensor via Ultrasonic Sonar Module This Arduino micro-based Proximity Sensor integrates an Ultrasonic Sonar module. With this, one can easily monitor if there’s someone near or around a specific area, say, room, door, gate.