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The University Virtual Learning Environment (UVLê)

The University Virtual Learning Environment (UVLê - is the online course management system of the University of the Philippines that enables instructors to

  • organize their classes around topics, themes, weekly schedules
  • upload digitized materials and share them with students
  • link relevant materials from other sites
  • post announcements that will be sent out automatically to students
  • create online forums and wikis for students to participate in.

Powered by an open-source application called Moodle, UVLê is maintained and operated by the Interactive Learning Center Diliman (ILC Diliman). The name "UVLê" is a homophonic play of "Oblê" that's a contraction of "Oblation"--a university symbol. UVLê is a platform for students to freely interact or collaborate with their instructors and fellow students. It is constructed with a pedagogy that imbibes self-discovery, self-instruction, "learning by doing" and experimentation. Learn more about Moodle's pedagogy.

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Interactive Learning Center Diliman present to you a short video presentation of our UVLê.