Looking Forward Strategic and Tactical Goals

Develop, maintain and promote EdTech (facilities and resources)
Advance faculty expertise in teaching and/or promote modern pedagogies
Enrich appreciation and understanding of blended instruction
Improve level of (or long-term, institutionalize) usage of UVLê
Implement policies and guidelines
Encourage collaboration among faculty members
  • low_priority
    Link and Lead
    Strengthen campaigns - contents (models/frameworks, strategies, university practices), audience, maximize online platforms, better and more structured feedback
    Continue promotional activities - infomercials, promotional materials (online and print), online resources

    Excerpt from a new infographic about 21st Centurey education

    Develop and enhance training modules - topic (UVLê, presentation tools), content, delivery, learning resources, “localized”
    Provide Seminars/Symposia/RTDs and other venues for discussion - on design-redesign, blended course, best practices, interactive learning activities, and blended learning models (rotation, online driver, F2F driver)
  • low_priority
    Establish and Advance
    Maintain edtech facilities and resources - develop learning objects (using latest technology, with support for mobile environment)
    Maintain UVLê and related resources - substitution and/or technology integration practices, strengthen implementation and assessment, Ready-to-Flip Course Options in – templates and design guides, UVLê online plagiarism, clips on features and how to use UVLê, clips and feature articles on how UVLê are used in classes/ courses

    We are soon upgrading to a new and improved UVLê training modules

    Upgrade other web and mobile services - improve and re-launch Iskwiki/Iskomunidad, Pages, and Conference; upgrade Helpdesk; develop SMS for UVLê and Helpdesk notification

    Iskwiki rebranded and re-envisioned as an online academic community

    Improve Multimedia services - - in-house video conference room; upgrade methods, tools and equipment for production, recording, streaming; upgrade software and related applications/programs
  • low_priority
    Collaborate and Support
    Promote research lab and internship program - improve guidelines on internship; structured programs and activities; structured assessment methods; research grants/incentives for faculty
    Collaborate with other offices/units - including upgrading of UVLê (single sign-on, CRS integration, University Library resources); spaces (libraries); resources (ICT facilities and equipment)
    Push the PALS and Active Spaces initiative and other TEDS activities - peer assisted learning spaces (PALS) resources, facilities and equipment; identify active spaces in the campus; identify partners and champions; create support group or champions

    An example of a technology-enabled Active Learing Space (ALS) - the inspiration for PALS and active spaces initiative

  • low_priority
    Provide and Invest
    Invest in infrastructure - EdTech tools; hardware and software; facilities for multimedia services, for web services (server and peripherals), for computer lab, for office, and for PALS
    Invest in human resource - attend training and related short courses; establish a more structured LSS (Lead-Share-Shadow)

    ILC Diliman Team 2016 Team Building

  • low_priority
    Institutionalize and Incentivive
    Develop Programs and Policies - costing (rentals and paid services); guidelines on using online platforms to communicate to students and/or deliver instructional materials, policies on blended learning courses (i.e., what blended learning is, what blended learning is not), assessment of teaching in a blended learning course, assessment of blended courses, incentives/awards for course development, ACLE for Teachers, EdTech Week