Strive for Efficiency

Improving and Enabling Processes
ILC Diliman acts on the improvement of its documentation, having organized information, updated process flows and appropriate records. With ILC Diliman as a relatively small organization with many services, ILC Diliman engages key persons and assigns multiple roles to encourage leadership and participation. Tasks are set and resources are identified so the ILC Diliman staff know their responsibilities and targets as well as what or how to do their assignments. ILC Diliman also conducts monitoring and evaluation to help in the growth and development of its staff as well as the organization as a whole, and as an avenue to re-think goals, re-define limitations, weigh feedbacks and provide follow-throughs.


SHARING. Strategic Planning Workshop 2016

Each ILC Diliman personnel is given a major (if not, lead) role in one specific service of ILC Diliman. At the same time, he/she is involved in another service. This way, the ILC Diliman personnel have opportunities to work alongside and gain experience of the role of others, and so develop credibility in taking lead roles in any of ILC Diliman services. Such “LSS” strategy encourages improvement and helps in the development of leadership skills, sharing of best practices, and refining communication skills. It also helps the personnel in developing a deeper knowledge of the different functions and services of the organization.


VIDEO CONFERENCING. Sept. 29, 2016 - NISMED cross border education with Penang Malaysia

The different ILC Diliman products and/or services were reclassified into 4 core groups (management systems, collaborative platforms, information systems, and TEDS or training, education, development and support systems). ILC Diliman’s website, UVLê (university’s learning management system or LMS), and other web-based services had major upgrading, and new programs (e.g., UVLê seminarworkshops, PALS or peer assisted learning spaces) had been introduced and/or implemented. To advance education technology for teaching and learning, ILC Diliman continues to enhance/improve and innovate on its services. ILC Diliman conducts regular review and updating of its web and mobile services (e.g., UVLê, ILC Diliman website, ILC Diliman Helpdesk, iskwiki). ILC Diliman continues to render technical assistance as well as multimedia services (e.g., video recording, video conferencing, video streaming). ILC Diliman maintains its feedback mechanisms for the different services, and ILC Diliman also acts on the feedbacks about its services (e.g., web services, multi-media, internships, trainings, one-on-one tutorials). ILC Diliman also engages with projects and services outside the university (e.g., internships, trainings, partnerships).
The ILC Diliman Helpdesk was improved to enhance user interface and user experience, as well as to facilitate the collection of data and generate reports. Changes include responsive interface for mobile viewing, enhanced ticket fields, updated FAQs, and feedback submissions and reports. Also, ILC Diliman also improved its website, with enhanced security, cleaner user interface, more features and resources, as well as dashboards for key performance indicators (such as in UVLe, multimedia services, Helpdesk).


Preview of new ILC helpdesk interface


ILC Diliman aims to promote technology to advance teaching and learning, and through its services, ILC Diliman aspires to increase the level of satisfaction and/or engagement of its clients/customers. Venues to understand client needs and/or expectations, as well as to get feedback, are made available. ILC Diliman strives to educate and empower clients, ILC Diliman builds on engagement to increase customer satisfaction by sharing best practices, advantages and disadvantages on use of services and tools, and not just by providing them the services and tools. ILC Diliman also maintains its external links, via partnerships and research programs.

1-on-1 Tutorials

Basics of Teaching with UVLê Batch 1