To support, enhance, and advance teaching and learning through the use of technologies and innovations and be responsive to changes and emerging trends and needs on methods and practices of teaching and learning; specifically:

  1. to promote use of technologies for teaching and learning;
  2. to support the interactive learning process through the development and production of educational (multimedia) materials;
  3. to advance faculty expertise/skills in the development and production of interactive learning materials; and
  4. to implement policies and guidelines for the development and production of interactive learning materials


ILC Diliman envisions to be the leader in the development, deployment, and use of educational technologies and multimedia services, and have an active and cohesive faculty and students who promote a culture of using technologies that advance teaching and learning.


The ILC Diliman as an academic institution shall be guided by the principles of administrative competence, operational maturity, teaching and learning methods enhancement, academic community collaboration, and clientele/user satisfaction in meeting its goals. ILC Diliman shall have the following functions:

  • Resources: (1) make available facilities and tools for production and use of teaching and learning materials; (2) develop and maintain online learning management systems;
  • Trainings and services: (1) facilitate trainings and discussions on educational technologies, including acceptable use policy; (2) promote multimedia, web and mobile services to enhance teaching and learning;
  • Policies and standards: (1) recommend policies and guidelines to ensure quality of online teaching and learning materials; (2) recommend technological facilities and tools for the advancement of teaching and learning;
  • Linkages: (1) coordinate with University offices on services, activities and projects for instructional design and advancement of teaching; (2) establish external linkages for implementation of services, projects and activities on online teaching and learning systems.