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ILC Diliman attended the first MoodleMoot Philippines 2018

The Interactive Learning Center (ILC) Diliman attended the MoodleMoot 2018 conference held at The Manila Hotel last April 26 - 27, 2018. Dir. Joseph Ryan Lansangan, Mr. Dawn Benigno (system administrator), Mr. Tristan Jake Alcantara (programmer), Mr. John Mark Roco (programmer), and Asst. Prof. Michael Van Supranes (PDA for ETA) participated as delegates.

MoodleMoot Philippines 2018 (#MootPH18) was the first moodlemoot conference held in the Philippines. It was two-day conference where Moodle experts from local and international companies and institutions gathered together to share valuable experiences and knowledge about education in the online sphere. The conference had multiple plenary sessions and break-out sessions spread over the two days. It was hosted by Nephila Web Technology Inc, a Moodle partner.

In one of the plenary sessions during the first day, Mr. Stuart Mealor, Managing Director of HRDNZ, shared his knowledge and insights about the recent developments of Moodle. He also encouraged the participants to ask help from experts and be active in the Moodle community especially for developers and administrators.

The first day of MoodleMoot Philippines 2018 (#MootPH18).

Mr. Martin Dougiamas presentation: "Moodle goals for the future"

The speakers in breakout sessions shared their research papers, experiences, and implementation of moodle. Some of these were entitled: “Ten things people get wrong with moodle”, “Moodle gamification - tools and techniques”, and “Level up! Raising LMS effectivity & engagement through gamification”. Most of them came from the industry and the education sector.

The following day during the plenary sessions, Mr. Martin Dougiamas (Moodle founder and CEO) talked about his mission to improve and expand the Moodle community. According to him, our teachers are the best agents for change, “Empowering educators to improve our world,” he said.

Mr. Dougiamas also shared his experiences when he started developing Moodle as it grows to become one of the widely used learning platform across the globe.

The speakers shared their research paper and experiences in using Moodle during the second breakout session on Day two.

The ILC delegates had a short meeting after the conference. Based on the data from the breakout sessions, the team reflected how UVLe blended teaching and digital strategies was implemented in the University. Various features were collected from the implementation of Moodle partners, such as smart notification that provides feedback and instructions to the teachers and students, availability to convert resources into different formats, integration of interactive presentations and videos, and a new mobile friendly application.

Photo op with Moodle CEO and Founder Martin Dougiamas after the conference.

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Basic ISO – Compliant Standard/s in Writing Letters, Reports and Communications (Memos, Office Orders, etc.) for OVCAA and its Offices

Basic ISO 9000 seminar workshop:"Basic ISO - Compliant Standard/s in Writing Letters, Reports and Communications (Memos, Office Orders, etc.) for OVCAA and its Offices"

Computer Laboratory Room 103 (ILC Diliman) Interactive Learning Center (ILC) Diliman employees attended the seminar workshop on Basic ISO – Compliant Standard/s in Writing Letters, Reports and Communications (Memos, Office Orders, etc.) for OVCAA and its Offices last April 13, 2018 1:00pm - 5:00pm. The seminar workshop main speakers were Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Evangeline Amor and Director of Office for the Advancement of Teaching (OAT) Rosella Torrecampo. Other speakers were EA III for Special Projects Maria Eloisa Almario-Zabat and Rowena Moralejo of OVCAA. The seminar workshop was limited to 20 participants from different offices under the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs (OVCAA) where common tasks were writing letters, reports and communication materials to other departments.
The seminar workshop’s purpose was to give basic knowledge about the ISO 9000 standardization for OVCAA. In the seminar Director of Office for the Advancement of Teaching (OAT) Rosella Torrecampo presentation entitled “Writing towards and ISO 9000 documentation standard style” she discussed about Seven Quality Management Principles, letter format standardization (including memo, conventions, coding, archiving systems) and other innovations that improve content clarity and tone. In the seminar, participants were grouped and had an “open space: discussion of ideas and resolution” activities where they discussed communication issues noticed in the office with the resolution they have in mind.

ILC Diliman holds workshop on Business and Feature-writing

ILC Diliman Dir. Joseph Ryan Lansangan (rightmost front-row), speaker Mr. Marti Rodriguez (center front-row) and participants of the workshop.

Computer Laboratory Room 103 (ILC Diliman) -- Interactive Learning Center (ILC) Diliman and other offices under OVCAA attended a business and feature-writing workshop last March 15, 2018. The workshop was held by ILC Diliman to help improve the skills of its staff (as well as those from other OVCAA offices).

Mr. Marti Rodriguez facilitated the 3-hour workshop.  Mr. Rodriguez is an instructor from the College of Arts and Letters, and is a speech and visual communication specialist.  He is also currently ILC Diliman’s Program Development Associate (PDA) for Blended Learning and Teaching.

“I think it’s apt that we had this training,” said Rodriguez. “More and more offices need to be aware that proper business writing is a must when writing letters or memos.”

Business and feature-writing seminar workshop: "Write the Right Way: A Workshop in Business and Feature-Writing"

Participants of the workshop doing a group activity.

The workshop covered basic elements of business writing and fundamentals of news/feature writing. The twenty-one participants were grouped into four and were tasked to formulate (before and after lecture/discussion) business letters and news articles. Each group presented their outputs, and at the end of the workshop, they shared their learnings/takeaways.  

“Creating a letter must only consist of important details and we should limit adding unnecessary information that confuses the addressee,” said Group Two.  Another group mentioned the value of using the “inverted triangle” (most important, other details, good-to-know) when writing letters and articles.

With the success of this event, ILC Diliman commits to offer more advanced seminar-workshops on business and news/feature-writing, as well as on oral communications, presentation skills, and business conduct & ethics.

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