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CBM Feature (Certainty-Based Marking) in UVLe

Quizzes are day-to-day student activities prepared by teachers to help assess learnings. Sometimes, these are used to prepare students for new lessons. Most quizzes are done traditionally through pen and paper, and teachers are often facing the risk of losing documents or dedicating many hours in checking and recording these. The Interactive Learning Center Diliman has a special feature in UVLe that aims to solve these challenges.

The Quiz activity in UVLe is a common feature wherein teachers can make quizzes in UVLe to access quizzes online. It has changeable settings that makes it flexible in different use cases that it can support.

In this series, we will show you three unique features that you can use for your classes. For the first feature, we introduce you to CBM or Certainty-Based Marking. This is one of the many features that UVLe supports. It is a moodle-based strategy plugin that helps students reliably answer quizzes and help them become confident when answering questions.

Certainty-based Marking is an interesting feature; it allows you to test students’ quiz certainty (how sure they are of their answer) and give bonus or penalizing marks based on it. It may sound like a gimmick, but studies have shown that this small test of courage can make students think deeper and avoid rushing answers, encouraging concentration (Issroff & Gardner-Medwin, 1998).

To enable the CBM feature of Quiz activity in the upper-right corner of your course page click Turn On editing.

After clicking the Turn On editing an Add an activity or resource label should appear in the content of your course page when editing is turned on.

Next, click the Add an activity or resource a pop-up window should appear after clicking this label. In the pop-up window click the Quiz activity

and at the bottom of the pop-up window click the Add button.

Once clicked the Add button it will redirect you to the Adding a new Quiz page.

Finally, in the Adding a new Quiz page of Quiz activity look for the Question behaviour section and then in the option pane, select “Deferred feedback with CBM”.

After that at the bottom of Adding a new Quiz page click Save and display button to save and display the changes.

Here’s a sample true and false quiz when CBM feature is enabled.

It looks peculiar at first glance, and we’re sure that it’s not a common way of taking an exam. Here’s another way of looking at it: CBM rewards students who are sure that they studied, adding more points as modifiers if they answer questions correctly with a high level of certainty. Humility is a virtue after all; it’s even used in some medical exams to decrease the risk of wrong calls (Gardner-Medwin, 1995) and potentially save lives.

With this new feature, UVLe invites teachers to implement this in their modules for faster checking and more efficient questions. For more information, give us a call at 920-9556 or send a ticket to

ILC Diliman Conducts UVLe Orientation for Department of History, CSSP

ILC Diliman Dir. Joseph Ryan Lansangan (center front-row), UP Dept. of History instructor Mr. Aaron F. Viernes (left front-row), programmer Mr. Tristan Jake Alcantara (leftmost front-row) and participants of the workshop.

Interactive Learning Center Diliman had an University Virtual Learning Environment (UVLe) orientation for College of Social Science and Philosophy (CSSP) Department of History last June 20, 2018 at Silid Balangay in College of Social Science and Philosophy Department of History.

Photo-Op with the UP Dept. of History instructor Mr. Aaron F. Viernes.

Mr. Aaron F. Viernes, instructor from the UP Department of History, invited ILC Diliman team as the resource speaker for their teaching workshop. It was a 40-minute talk with a demonstration of UVLe’s features. ILC Diliman Director Joseph Ryan Lansangan facilitated the UVLe demonstration and with the assistance of programmer Tristan Jake Alcantara.

The demonstration of UVLe covered the Basics of Teaching with UVLe 3 and its elements, namely dashboard, my courses, profile, file uploading, assignment, forum, and quiz activities.

For more information about Basics of Teaching with UVLe 3, click here and quick introduction with UVLe, click here.

To learn more about UVLe and set up your own account, call us at (63-2) 920-9556 / 981-8500 loc 2058 or send us an email at You may also click on our website Helpdesk to send concerns and tickets to our support offices.

ILC Diliman Holds Training on Basics of Teaching with UVLê 3

Interactive Learning Center,(ILC) Diliman - ILC Diliman conducted a Training/Workshop on Basics of Teaching with UVLê 3 last February 12, 2018, held at ILC Diliman Laboratory Rm. 103 for future classes.

The Training on Basics of Teaching with UVLê 3 was lead by Mr. Michael Van Supranes and with the team Dir. Joseph Ryan Lansangan, Tristan Jake Alcantara, and John Mark Roco as his training assistants. It was the second batch of UP Faculty members who attended the Training on Basics of Teaching with UVLe 3 this 2018.

Before the training started, each participant had their training course page created for them in UVLê 3. The course pages were used as their training page for the editing and setup of the activity resources and the training course page. 

Mr. Michael Van Supranes discussed the features of UVLê under the basic teacher role and demonstrate its uses with the help of the training assistants. Some of the said features are: basic navigations, private files, messaging, course (editing/setup/formatting), and other activity resources like forum, assignment, choice (Poll), label, and file resources. Advanced features in the resource can be unlocked by upgrading to a full-teacher role.

After the discussion and demonstration of UVLê 3 and its features, the participants showed an interest in using the system for their future classes.