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ILC x RoCP – A Collaboration with the ILC Diliman and the Rhetoric of Creative Partnership

by Marti Rodriguez

Interactive Learning Center (ILC) Diliman, in collaboration with the Department of Speech Communication and Theatre Arts (DSCTA) and the Japan Foundation (JF), covered the livestreatming of the Rhetoric of Creative Partnership: Conversations on Cross-Cultural Artistic Exchanges held at the GT-Toyota Auditorium this November 14 and 15, 2019. 

DSCTA x JF: The practitioners, speakers, and faculty poses after the two-day talk.

ILC was also in charge of recording the event for future teaching and learning materials for theatre, performance and communication students. Faculty members may also access this to enrich instruction, as the event focuses on one of the lesser-featured aspects of performance: the creative practitioner’s projects and challenges. 

Speakers of the event were:

  1. Kentaro Matsui of Japan for the Opening Keynote, 
  2. Issa Manalo-Lopez and Tomohiko Kyogoku for the first plenary (Asian Performing Arts Farm 2019),  
  3. Armando “Tuxqs” Rutaquio, Jr. and Layeta Bucoy for the second plenary (Practices of Embodiments and Pedagogy),
  4. Felipe Cervera and Jesca Prudencio for the third plenary (Practices of Devise and Dramaturgy)
  5. Yi-Kai Kao and Andrei Pamintuan for the fourth plenary (Collaborative Platforms),
  6. Mio Infante and Leo Abaya for the fifth plenary (Contemporary Scenography),
  7. JK Anicoche and Rody Vera for the sixth plenary (Arts and Cultural Leadership), and
  8. National Artist Ramon Santos for the Closing Keynote.

The event featured the challenges, learnings, and triumphs of collaboration in the different lenses and experiences. Most speakers have expressed that differences in culture, styles, and vision are all tied together--collaboration is losing the self in order to rediscover the identity as shared with your partners. 

One of ILC Diliman’s foci are on maximizing pedagogy and instructional efficiency in the University. ILC creates learning objects, records lectures, and enables blended and tech-centric materials for professors and students in various areas. For more information, give us a call at (632) 8920-9556; 8981-8500 loc 2058 or send a ticket to

OVCAA Strategic Planning 2018

BAGUIO CITY -- The Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs (OVCAA) had a strategic planning last June 15 - 17, 2018 at the AIM Conference Center, Sheridan Drive Camp John Hay, Baguio City to discuss department alignment concerns and other announcements with its respective departments.

On the first day, VCAA Evangeline Amor had a short overview about the previous strategic planning and discussed the Agency Performance Commitment Review (APCR) and the Office Performance Commitment Review (OPCR). She also shared the plan to formalize and institutionalize the Individual Performance Commitment Review (IPCR) in realizing the OVPAA Mission and  Vision. She shared a short story about “Kwento ni Jo” written by Fernando A. Austria, Jr. “Jo was characterized the OVCAA as an individual who do good deeds and work ethics,” she said.

VCAA Evangeline Amor presentation and overview of the previous strategic planning.

On day two, OVCAA had a wellness program led by Prof. Alberto Lampa Dimarucut. An office level reports and a short quiz prepared by Director Rosella M. Torrecampo of the Office for the Advancement of Teaching (OAT) after the program.

Director Joseph Ryan Lansangan had an opportunity to discuss the Strategic Planning Guidance Questions Template to the OVCAA as recommended by VCAA Evangeline Amor.

Prof. Alberto Lampa Dimarucut of College of Human Kinetics presentation about Self Awareness, Acceptance and Transformation (S.A.T).

The OVCAA had a wellness program about Self Awareness, Acceptance and  Transformation (S.A.T) facilitated by Prof. Alberto Lampa Dimarucut of College of Human Kinetics on the second day. Afterwards, the OVCAA departments were tasked to report and share their department projects and plans through their representatives.

The OVCAA then held an open forum for ideas, solutions and suggestions for concerns encountered at the start of the year. Director Rosella M. Torrecampo of the Office for the Advancement of Teaching (OAT) concluded the program before dinner.

The third day was a break for the departments where they were open to use the time for planning or other excursions with their respective teams. The office left on 1:00 PM for Manila.

Photo-op of ILC Team with the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs Evangeline Amor

ILC Diliman Strategic Planning 2018

The Mountain House -- Interactive Learning Center Diliman (ILC) had a strategic planning last June 11 - 12, 2018 at Brgy. Calawis, Antipolo City, Rizal.

In the two-day event, Director Joseph Ryan Lansangan and the ILC team reviewed the ILC Diliman mission, vision and objectives (MVO) and KPIs to benchmark future efforts of the department.

The ILC team was tasked to analyze the ILC Diliman current MVO alignment with UP, UPD and OVCAA mission, vision and objective (MVO), and also map out strategies(emergent and tactical goals) and activities for the upcoming academic year and identify short, medium, and long term goals.

On day one, each group presented their reports and initial assessments. Most of the teams felt that the MVOs were aligned with the University mandate to its supporting departments. “There’s nothing to change in the MVO as I think we are aligned with learning and the development thereof.” one group analyzed.

Each group presented well their reports and contribute in company MVO and goals.

Finally, the ILC team had their individual ROWS analysis and had a one-on-one consultation with Director Joseph Ryan Lansangan to better alignment with individual tasks. “It’s important that we show our unique role to assist the University.” he said.

As the team moving forward the ILC team were expected to level up compared from its previous year for the upcoming academic year.