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  • UVLê
  • May 22, 2019

Adaptive Quizzes in UVLe

Welcome to the second article in the quiz series of UVLe! The previous article discussed about Certainty-Based Marking that lets students factor in how sure they are before answering. This incentivizes through reviewing and self-confidence in calling answers in the academe and beyond.

In part 2 of the series, we introduce the Adaptive test feature. The adaptive feature is a right-minus-wrong feature, reminiscent of the UPCAT’s grading. This feature is widely used in some colleges in the west to encourage considerations of all items in a multiple-choice test before inputting the final answer. Couple it with a time limit and you’re now operating on a quiz that rewards complete attention from students!

To enable the Adaptive feature of the Quiz activity, click on page click Turn On editing on the upper-right of your course.

After clicking the Turn On editing an Add an activity or resource label should appear in the content of your course page when editing is turned on.

Next, click the Add an activity or resource a pop-up window should appear after clicking this label. In the pop-up window click the Quiz activity

and at the bottom of the pop-up window click the Add button.

Once clicked the Add button it will redirect you to the Adding a new Quiz page.

Finally, in the Adding a new Quiz page of Quiz activity look for the Question behaviour section and then in the option pane, select “Adaptive Mode”.

After that at the bottom of Adding a new Quiz page click Save and display button to save and display the changes.

Here’s a sample true and false quiz where the Adaptive feature is enabled.

It looks peculiar at first glance, and we’re sure that it’s not a common way of taking an exam. Here’s another way of looking at it: CBM rewards students who are sure that they studied, adding more points as modifiers if they answer questions correctly with a high level of certainty. Humility is a virtue after all; it’s even used in some medical exams to decrease the risk of wrong calls (Gardner-Medwin, 1995) and potentially save lives.

With this new feature, UVLe invites teachers to implement this in their modules for faster checking and more efficient questions. For more information, give us a call at 920-9556 or send a ticket to