Interactive Learning Center Diliman

ILC Diliman

A Revamp for Experience: Upgrading to UVLê 3.0

  • Seminars or Workshop, UVLe
  • September 27, 2017

A revamp for experience! Users can expect a more inspired look and a better user-experience in the upcoming UVLê upgrade. ILC Diliman targets to release UVLê 3.0 next year. To help users be familiar with UVLê’s new environment and tools, a beta site will be opened from Sept. 25 to Oct. 15, 2017. Teachers and students are highly encouraged to check UVLê 3.0 beta. 

Users will be able to log in to UVLê beta using their current username and password. Teachers may request 1 trial course page via helpdesk. Just specify that the request is for the beta site. Students may check a sample course page, where users can try posting in forum, uploading files for assignments, answering online quizzes etc. Continue reading to learn more about UVLê 3.0.