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December 23, 2017 admin

OVCAA Celebrates 2017 Year-End Party

OVCAA, University of the Philippines, Diliman - OVCAA celebrated its year-end party last December 20, 2017, at the NEC Lounge A, as employees shared the year’s memorable learnings and plans for 2018.

VC Evangeline C. Amor, in her opening remarks, emphasized the offices’ focus on staff development and in-house initiatives next year. The OVCAA staff were enjoined to attend at least one seminar and/or training annually for personal and professional growth. According to VC Amor, knowledge gained from these learning opportunities can be echoed to other staff members unable to attend due to limited resources. 

The celebration also had an activity as the Office looked forward to the next year-- the OVCAA employees filled-out their aspirations and goals. This part of the event was called, “SANA -- Staff Aspirations for 2018.”OVCAA staff were asked to share their wishes regarding office and co-workers.


Employees from the office, starting with Mrs. Wennie S. Moralejo of ILC Diliman, shared their learnings from the seminars they attended. One of which was the SMILE principle for government employees. The SMILE principle stands for S – Showtime, M – Malasakit, I – Intelligent, L – Love, E – Empathy to showcase quality public service through upholding these values.


Ms. Adeline V. Intervalo of OAT Diliman also shared her experiences from the LIFE Seminar she attended organized by OAT Diliman. The LIFE Seminar series aims to foster greater understanding and camaraderie among their staff.

Another speaker was, Mr. Rene M. Villanueva of OVCAA. He shared his learnings from the Workshop on Building Utilities, Retrofits, and Management held in UP Los Baños, Laguna.  The two VPs Nestor G. Yunque and Elvira A. Zamora explained  that taking good care of University infrastructure is showing “malasakit para sa University.” Energy efficiency, and prompt utility repairs (e.g. leaky faucets), can also help the Office to achieve better operational efficiency. 

Prof. Ivan Benedict Nilo Cruz also gave a lecture on Energy Auditing, its importance, and how to undertake an energy audit. The other lectures are about best practices on air conditioning maintenance.


Finally, Ms. Eleanor R. Robrigado of OVCAA shared her reflections on the seminar she attended on Chinese traditional medicine held last November at the Asian Center. She described several methods in traditional medicine like acupuncture, and Ventosa, among others. She advised OVCAA officemates to explore other medical traditions to achieve wellness.

OVCAA Employees also participated in raffles and exchange gifts as well as games like Pass the Drawing, Balloon Walk, Lip Sync Battle, Jack En-Poy, and Chubby Bunny.