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CRS updates its UVLê Integration module

  • Announcement
  • January 8, 2019

UP Diliman Teachers will now be able to access the UVLê integration module in CRS. This module allows teachers to do the following via/within CRS:

✓ Request an UVLê course page for their classes.

✓ Monitor the status of their course page request.

✓ Enroll students to an UVLê course page based on class list.

✓ Enroll students from multiple sections/class lists into a single UVLê course page.

✓ Upload class syllabus in CRS

With these new features, it is easier for teachers to request a course page, and to enroll students to their course page.

Click here for the full PDF file: UVLe-CRS integration

  • 1. Course Creation
  • 2. Sync Class List
  • 3. Link or Merge
  • 4. Syllabi Upload