Resolving current UVLê issues ( August 12 maintenance)


You may have experienced errors and/or issues in logging-in and accessing your UVLê course pages after the scheduled maintenance last August 12, 2017.  The page loading error is due to security certificates related to the use of HTTPS to access UVLê.  To avoid such issue and thus the page loading errors, clear your browser’s memory and/or cache.  You may follow the steps below.  (Note: Please save your online work before clearing the browsing data. You may be logged out in your current session after following the steps below.)


In Google Chrome:

  1. In Google Chrome toolbar, find and click the  icon. Hover or move the cursor to More tools and click Clear browsing data.

  1. In the Clear browsing data check “Cached images and files” and optionally the “Cookies and other site data”.

  1. Then click the button Clear browsing data .
  2. Restart Google Chrome and access UVLê again.


In Firefox:

  1. In Firefox’s toolbar, find and click the   icon. Look for the Preferences icon and then click.
  2. In the Preferences, navigate to the Privacy.

  1. In the Privacy settings, clickclear your recent history.

  1. In the Clear All History, set Time range to clear to “Everything“ and check “Cookies”, “Cache”, and “Offline Website Data”.

  1. Then click Clear Now button .
  2. Restart Firefox and access UVLê again.


In Apple Safari:

  1. In Mac, navigate to the left corner beside the apple icon to click Safari. Find and click Preferences.

  1. In the Preferences, navigate to Privacy  section and click Manage Website Data.

  1. Search in the search box and select in the list. Click Remove  button.

  1. Then click Done .


In Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge:

  1. Navigate to the right corner and look for the More icon  . Click this icon and select Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Clear browsing data option and click the “Choose what to clear” button.

  1. In the Clear browsing data check “Cached data and files” and the “Cookies and saved website data”.

  1. Click the “Clear” button.
  2. Restart your browser and access UVLê.


CSC Exam Review

The UP DIliman Human Resource Development Office (HRDO) held a Civil Service Commission (CSC) Career Service Exam (CSE) Review from June 28 to July 31, 2017. The review was intended for UP Diliman employees and contractuals who have not yet acquired their civil service eligibility.

A total of 89 employees/contractuals participated in the CSE Review.  To accommodate as many participants as possible, the conduct of the review was organized into two batches, with each batch attending separate sessions on a weekly basis.  The review run for a total of five weeks.  

The review was conducted with the participation of and/or in coordination with the Interactive Learning Center (ILC) Diliman.  ILC Diliman initiated an online component for the review sessions, and provided the participants access to UVLê, the university’s learning management system.  Speakers/facilitators for the CSE review uploaded different resources and/or learning materials in UVLê.  Online assessment activities (e.g. exercise exams or short quizzes to simulate answering questions from specific categories) were also provided.  Using UVLê, participants were able to get more engaged and/or continue with the review at their own pace (by accessing the online materials and/or answering the online exercises at their chosen time and/or mode).


Basics of Teaching with UVLê for CSSP Department of Psychology July 10, 2017

ILC Diliman and Department of Psychology had a training/workshop of Basics of Teaching with UVLê on July 10 - 12, 2017, at ILC Diliman Laboratory lead by Joseph Ryan Lansangan current director of ILC Diliman.


The training was started last July 10, 2017, 8-5pm and finished July 12, 2017, at ILC Diliman Office for a one on one training to those who aren't finished the training/workshop. The training/workshop covered the basic features and how to’s of UVLê. The training/workshop highlighted the role of technology particularly the why’s and advantages of using an LMS to engage student participation and enhance learning, teaching strategies using EdTech Tools and so on.

The training/workshop had a hands-on training that focuses on how to use UVLê such as Navigating the UVLê Homepage and these are My Dashboard, My Messages, and My Private Files. The hands-on training also includes Managing the Course Page, Putting Content such as uploading files, sharing online links or webpages and working with pages/labels for images/videos for embedding and adding resource links.



The training/workshop was partly delivered online with training materials readily available to participants via a newly developed training course (in UVLê), and online consultations and follow-throughs were provided/encouraged even after the end of the training.