ILC Diliman has 3 PDAs

OVCAA has renewed one existing and has appointed two new Project Development Associates (PDAs) to work with projects and programs of the Interactive Learning Center Diliman.

Mr. Roy Canseco as PDA for TED

Mr. Roy Vincent L. Canseco of the Department of Computer Science under the College of Engineering was designated as PDA for TED (Technology, Education, and Development). He will be assigned in major tasks related to UVLe and other ILC Diliman web services.  For this academic year, he will lead/help in the collaborative projects with OUR, UL, and other units handling (academic) information systems and/or geared towards teacher/student programs.  He will also serve as a resource person in seminar workshops related to EdTech, Innovative pedagogical strategies, course design and  blended instruction.


Mr. Marti Rodriguez as PDA for BLT

Mr. Marti S. Rodriguez of the Department of Speech Communication and Theatre Arts under the College of Arts and Letters shall serve as PDA for BLT (Blended Learning and Teaching).  He will serve as a resource person in the development, evaluation, revision and/or recommendation of ILC Diliman projects related to blended learning and teaching and/or those that advance learning/teaching. For this academic year, he will lead/help in the study on approaches and practices in university teaching and learning. He shall also act as one of the subject matter expert in modern and/or effective pedagogy (theories, principles and applications/practices) and shall provide support in other ILC project, programs and services.

Michael Van Supranes as PDA for ETA

On the other hand, Mr. Michael Van B. Supranes of the School of Statistics is renewed and will continue to serve as PDA for ETA (Education Technology Advancement).  He continues to lead/help in the review, promotion and development of the training and resources for UVLe and other ILC Diliman web services, as well as in the review and development of the different materials and resources related to the use of education technologies.  Mr. Supranes also serves as a subject matter expert and a resource person on the use of UVLe.

A Revamp for Experience: Upgrading to UVLê 3.0

A revamp for experience! Users can expect a more inspired look and a better user-experience in the upcoming UVLê upgrade. ILC Diliman targets to release UVLê 3.0 next year. To help users be familiar with UVLê’s new environment and tools, a beta site will be opened from Sept. 25 to Oct. 15, 2017. Teachers and students are highly encouraged to check UVLê 3.0 beta.

Users will be able to log in to UVLê beta using their current username and password. Teachers may request 1 trial course page via helpdesk. Just specify that the request is for the beta site. Students may check a sample course page, where users can try posting in forum, uploading files for assignments, answering online quizzes etc. Continue reading to learn more about UVLê 3.0.

University Virtual Learning Environment (UVLê) is one of ILC Diliman’s flagship tools for interactive learning. It is a learning management system that allows UP teachers to organize online forums, create online quizzes, collect assignments online, and many more. UVLê has several tools that can be used to improve learning experience and to expand possibilities in teaching and learning.

Below are some interesting changes included in the next upgrade:

(Left) UVLê 2.0 log-in page and home page. (Right) UV Lê 3.0 log-in page and home page.

A more inspired look

Most procedures (e.g. requesting a course, setting up an enrollment key, uploading a file) remain the same in UVLê 3.0. But this time, we aim to deliver a better user experience by implementing a better visual branding, and by including new help or navigation features.

GUIDE ME ON THIS PAGE (pop-up page tours)

For certain pages, a guided tour will pop-up on your first visit. This will help first time users be familiar with the important elements of a page. The guided tour may be revisited anytime – click your name in the upper right side of the page, then click “Guide Me On This Page”.

A Mobile Responsive Design

UVLê 3.0 is now mobile responsive. The interface can adjust to different screen sizes. With stable internet connection, you can optimally view your course page through a tablet, smartphone, or personal computer.

The Basic Teacher Role

In UVLê 3.0, users will have an option to request for a "Basic Teacher role", in addition to the Teacher role of the current version. When a course is requested under a "Basic Teacher" role, the page will have preset template and will be limited to commonly used tools, such as basic forum, files, and assignments. Through this option, we hope to make UVLê simpler and more streamlined for beginners and/or basic users.

From a Menu Bar to “Change Settings” Button

In UVLê 2.0, “course administration”, “switch role to…”, and other administration menus are located below the title bar. These menus are important because it allows you to edit course settings, change the enrollment key, access the gradebook, and many more. In UVLê 3.0, all these functions were relocated in the “Change Settings” menu at the upper right corner of a page.

Improved Assignment Activity

The assignment activity in UVLê allows teachers to organize and monitor an online submission site. What’s new? In UVLê 3.0, the assignment activity includes a file uploader for attachments (e.g. files needed for assignment, and/or additional instructions). Creating an assignment activity is also simplified under a basic teacher role. Advanced options for group submission, feedback, and other features are only available under a teacher role.

The upgrade also maintains helpful options for deadlines (due date and cutoff date). The due date is the reference of UVLê in marking late submissions, while the cutoff date prompts UVLê when to not accept submissions anymore. Moreover, the due date is automatically marked in the calendar, and it will also appear in the "upcoming events block" within 21 days from the due date.

That is just a preview of changes in UVLê 3.0. There are also improvements in the behavior of UVLê blocks, online quiz creation, and many more. ILC Diliman will continue its efforts to improve its service and to make learning technologies accessible to all classes. Upgrade to interactive!

Resolving current UVLê issues ( August 12 maintenance)


You may have experienced errors and/or issues in logging-in and accessing your UVLê course pages after the scheduled maintenance last August 12, 2017.  The page loading error is due to security certificates related to the use of HTTPS to access UVLê.  To avoid such issue and thus the page loading errors, clear your browser’s memory and/or cache.  You may follow the steps below.  (Note: Please save your online work before clearing the browsing data. You may be logged out in your current session after following the steps below.)


In Google Chrome:

  1. In Google Chrome toolbar, find and click the  icon. Hover or move the cursor to More tools and click Clear browsing data.

  1. In the Clear browsing data check “Cached images and files” and optionally the “Cookies and other site data”.

  1. Then click the button Clear browsing data .
  2. Restart Google Chrome and access UVLê again.


In Firefox:

  1. In Firefox’s toolbar, find and click the   icon. Look for the Preferences icon and then click.
  2. In the Preferences, navigate to the Privacy.

  1. In the Privacy settings, clickclear your recent history.

  1. In the Clear All History, set Time range to clear to “Everything“ and check “Cookies”, “Cache”, and “Offline Website Data”.

  1. Then click Clear Now button .
  2. Restart Firefox and access UVLê again.


In Apple Safari:

  1. In Mac, navigate to the left corner beside the apple icon to click Safari. Find and click Preferences.

  1. In the Preferences, navigate to Privacy  section and click Manage Website Data.

  1. Search in the search box and select in the list. Click Remove  button.

  1. Then click Done .


In Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge:

  1. Navigate to the right corner and look for the More icon  . Click this icon and select Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Clear browsing data option and click the “Choose what to clear” button.

  1. In the Clear browsing data check “Cached data and files” and the “Cookies and saved website data”.

  1. Click the “Clear” button.
  2. Restart your browser and access UVLê.